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Best Regional Business

A Gold Star goes to Block 275

Mann family farmers value-add to their grains business by producing a premium Cold Pressed Canola Oil under the brand BLOCK 275.

“Provenance - where our food comes from - is important to us”.

Their farm ‘Midoxgate’ is located on the Greenough River at Eradu, 30 minutes west-north-west of Mullewa. It is the aerial view of the river meandering through the farm that is the basis of the BLOCK 275 logo.

Their aim is to provide a single origin farm product, and as such, their oil is produced from a paddock traceable, GM-free variety of canola, sustainably grown and harvested on their small family farm.

The product is an unrefined one. The canola is simply put through a screw press where the only heat involved is that which is generated by the mechanical process. This is followed by filtering to remove any seed hulls, and storage in stainless steel vats. Packaging and labelling occur on farm into dark glass bottles or tins to protect the oil. No solvents, hexanes or heat are used. There is no bleaching or deodorising. It is 100% natural and 100% manufactured on farm. The product smells like canola. It has a vibrant golden colour. And it has a beautiful nutty taste. It is what canola oil should be. It has a smoke point of 212°C giving it versatility - from shallow frying, to baking cakes, grilling, stir frying and BBQ’s - and is particularly enjoyable in its virgin state with sourdough and some dukkah.

Block 275 are one of the only producers in WA at a retail food level, and one of only a handful in the country. They launched their product in October 2020, and it is now stocked across the state, including a number of top end restaurants. Interstate expansion is planned for later in 2023.

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