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Best New Release - Machinery

A Gold Star goes to Allroads Transport Engineers

For more than thirty years, Allroads Transport Engineers have been actively engaged in the transportation sector, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of clients seeking Semi-Trailers.

Unveiled at the Dowerin Machinery Field Days, their innovative Grain Boss Tipper marks a fresh design in the Allroads lineup. This trailer has been meticulously crafted to enable heightened payload capacities, utilising an aluminium bowl for reduced tare weight without compromising structural integrity. This engineering approach ensures that farmers can efficiently transport their produce. To ensure the highest quality, they've established partnerships with esteemed brands like SAF Holland, Khitch, and BPW Transpec, known for supplying essential components to the transport industry. This means their customers can confidently access the finest, lightest, and most durable products available on the market.

Their trailers play a crucial role in transporting essential agricultural commodities such as Wheat, Barley, Canola, Lime, and more. These products are integral components within the Australian agricultural landscape, supporting the industry's functionality and success.

What our tagline means to them!

Growing industry. Seeding connections. Cultivating community.

As manufacturers of semi-trailers catering to this dynamic industry, our approach to supporting its growth is multifaceted. We view ourselves as not just suppliers, but as partners invested in the industry's expansion. Through our innovative trailer solutions, we provide the essential tools that enable businesses to scale efficiently. By continually refining our designs to address evolving needs, we contribute to the industry's advancement by enhancing its operational capabilities.

Seeding connections is a core aspect of our ethos. We understand that collaboration drives progress, so we actively foster relationships between various stakeholders within the industry. Our partnerships extend beyond transactional interactions, as we work closely with clients, suppliers, and industry experts to exchange insights, share best practices, and collectively contribute to the industry's evolution.

Cultivating community is ingrained in everything we do. Our commitment extends beyond the products we create – we strive to build a sense of belonging within the industry. Whether through our active participation in industry events, knowledge-sharing sessions, or local initiatives, we aim to create a supportive ecosystem that connects individuals and organizations. This sense of community fosters an environment where ideas flourish, relationships thrive, and the industry as a whole benefits.

In essence, we support the industry's growth by providing cutting-edge solutions, seed connections by facilitating collaboration, and cultivate a strong community through meaningful engagement. Through these intertwined efforts, we play a pivotal role in driving the industry's success and sustainability.

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