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Best Emerging Technology

A Gold Star goes to BBLeap

The Dowerin Machinery Field Days was chosen as the event by BBLeap to launch BeeLeap technology in Australia.

Dutch company BBLeap believe in Farming On Plant Level: The next LEAP in agriculture!

Your crop is influenced by soil conditions, weather, shadow, sunshine, the surrounding environment, and vegetation. Each plant is affected differently. What if you can anticipate each plant’s individual needs? What if you would have a tool that enables you to give each plant what it needs without compromises? You will grow stronger and more resilient plants using fewer resources. That benefits the plants, the farmer, and the consumer. That’s why we develop Farming On Plant Level technology. Because there is no planet B.

BeeLeap provides farmers with spraying technology to spray "plant specific on farm level".

Their product is 100% integrated consisting of all sprayer controls, cameras, and cloud solutions. At the base, spraying is done better and more consistently with the right droplets, right distribution, and right rate at any speed and while cornering, slowing down or speeding up.

In addition the crop is constantly scanned to do plant specific applications on farm level. Examples include Green on Brown, Green on Green and modulation spraying based on biomass. The cameras have 2 lenses, one RGB (what you and I can see) and a hyperspectral one for things we can't see but bee's for example can.

It is easy to use and will change agriculture from broadacre applications to plant specific applications. This results in more resilient plants, better plant growth, less chemical usage resulting in more sustainable agriculture.

Good for the planet, good for the consumer and very good for the farmer!

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