Exhibitor Information


The Field Days is divided into activity areas.

Area 1 - Agricultural machinery, equipment and related products and services

Area 2 - Corporate, agribusiness and other related products and services

Area 3 - Ram shed and marquee housing livestock and related products and services

Area 4 - Motoring, leisure and outdoor

Area 5 - Lifestyle exhibition pavilion - this area for education, health & wellbeing, premium food & beverages, travel, fashion and home, divided broadly into zones. The pavilion will also showcase a fashion parade and cooking demonstration area. There is an expectation that exhibitors in this area will have a high level of display quality and use the appropriate service providers.

Area 6 - Market place and market lane - this area is for small business providers wishing to sell giftware and novelties, crafts and supplies, clothing and accessories, homewares as examples.

To ensure we maintain the highest possible standard and range of exhibits, the Field Days Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application. Site allocations will be made by the Event Coordinator taking into account appropriate grouping of exhibits, size of exhibit, power and prior attendance history. While we do our best to allocate preferred sites, due to a high demand for some blocks, this is not always possible.


1. Machinery 25-2800sqm Outdoors Ryegrass Space only Power, water, straw bales, sheep
2. Football Oval 25-225sqm Outdoors Turf Space only Power, water, straw bales, sheep
3. Milne Marquee 25sqm Marquee Sand Six straw bales Power, Extra straw bales
4. Motoring, Leisure & Outdoor 150-640sqm Outdoors & Hard Base Ryegrass/bluemetal Space only Power, water, straw bales
5. Lifestyle Pavilion 9-12sqm Shed Asphalt Ready built partitioning with walls and a front fascia featuring the company name Power, water
6. Market Place Pavilion 9-12sqm Marquee Hard Base Space only Power, water



An exhibitor that does not require a full site, can request a half site and the remainder of the site will only be allocated if there is a complementing exhibitor. Payment must be for a full site as site splitting is not guaranteed and is subject to availability.

Please note: It is not available inside pavilions, including Lifestyle, Market Place, or permanent sheds in the Machinery area.


BLOCK SHARING (please see application form below)

Exhibitors are permitted to share their block but must inform the Field Days office. Please include details of who you are sharing with via the sharing form online.

Sharers Form

This is to ensure:

  1. The exhibits of sharing exhibitors fall within the Field Days conditions
  2. The location of all exhibitors present is known to assist with visitor queries
  3. ALL exhibitors appear in the program
  4. Sharing an exhibit incurs a fee of $200, payable by the main exhibitor
  5. Please ensure you order enough additional extras including power and passes to accommodate your sharers
  6. Illegal sharers will be removed from the site and charged a $200 fee



  • Livestock are permitted on the site with prior approval of the Committee
  • Sheep can be hired for display purposes via the site application and will be delivered to exhibitor blocks each morning
  • All livestock must be provided with adequate yarding and supplied with fresh water
  • Exhibitors must meet their legal responsibilities for the identification and movement of livestock
  • Dogs are strictly prohibited, with the exception of service dogs


  • All displays must be in place by 5pm on Tuesday August 23 and must not be removed until after 4.30pm on Thursday August 25
  • Large displays should be in place as early as possible to ensure easy access to the site
  • Late arrivals will not be permitted to exhibit and will forfeit all monies paid
  • All exhibits should be removed as soon as possible from blocks after 5pm on Thursday August 25
  • Hockey Field and Football Oval blocks MUST be removed by 5pm on Friday August 26
  • Large machinery should be removed within 30 days unless arrangements have been made with the Event Coordinator
  • In the interest of public safety, exhibits must NOT be removed before 4.30pm on Thursday August 25
  • No vehicles will be allowed on or off the site between 7:45am and 5pm each day of the event
  • Exhibitors must be offsite by 6pm on Thursday August 26. At this time, security patrols will commence.
  • Sites which cannot be removed within the hour will need to be dismantled the following day
  • Exhibitors wanting an exception must make a request in writing by July 1 and will have to follow strict security procedures if an exception is granted
  • Exhibitors not abiding by these conditions may be refused to exhibit in following years


  • The Field Days offers a free courier service for exhibitors and their customers’ benefit during 8am and 5pm each day of the event
  • To request this service, exhibitors can call the office on 08 9631 1021 with their block number and time of required pick up
  • This is a service run by our volunteers and your patience is required during peak times during the event


  • All exhibitors are required to follow the COVID-19 safety event guidelines set out by the WA Department of Health at the time of the Field Days.


  • Forklifts and telehandlers are available for use free-of-charge from Friday August 19 until Friday August 26 ONLY
  • Drivers will be available to assist during the Field Days week
  • Prior to Monday August 22, a driver with a current ticket must be provided by the exhibitor
  • Forklifts are available for lifts up to 2.5 tonnes
  • No double lifts are permitted
  • Any lifts over 2.5 tonnes will require a crane at a cost to the exhibitor
  • Dowerin Field Days can no longer provide a free crane service for exhibitors
  • Any exhibitor who requires the use of a crane must contact Wheatbelt Engineering & Crane Hire (Dowerin based) on 0432 799 363 or Northam Crane Hire on 0417 173 944 for private arrangements and bookings


  • Exhibitors are responsible for any damage to blocks, water pipes and electricity cables on the Field Days site and under the surface
  • The contact number for Dial Before You Dig is 1100
  • When erecting marquees, digging holes or driving posts into the ground, exhibitors need to be aware and avoid red lines marked on the ground
  • These red lines represent DANGER, as power, telephone, water pipes and cables are underground in this area
  • Holes more than 5cm in diameter are not permitted on the Hockey Field or Football Oval
  • Vehicles with a carrying capacity of over 3 tonnes are prohibited from the football and hockey ovals
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to inform marquee providers of these conditions


  • Demonstrations can be carried out at any time within the exhibitors’ blocks with the permission of the Event Coordinator
  • NO unauthorised demonstrations
  • Safety of visitors and staff must be considered at all times
  • While machinery and equipment from static displays can be used in the Demonstration Arena, separate machines are desirable to minimise movement from blocks to this area


  • The use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles onsite or in the caravan parks and car parks is strictly prohibited
  • Exhibitors wishing to execute drone demonstrations MUST seek permission from the Event Coordinator


  • This service is provided by the Catering Committee of the Dowerin Field Days
  • A range of options are available to order for delivery to your site at a time of your choosing
  • Lunch platters (hot and cold)
  • Individual lunch boxes
  • Sundowner platters etc
  • Please see the separate CORPORATE CATERING application form which is emailed to the Catering Coordinator at catering@dowerinfielddays.com.au


  • All exhibitors are issued with three complimentary tickets per site on acceptance of their application
  • Each ticket will give 1 person entry for the 2 days of the event
  • Each ticket will require the name and email address of the person who will be presenting the ticket on entry
  • Additional tickets may be purchase through our "Buy Tickets" on our website where individual details will also be required
  • Exhibitor tickets will not be sold during the event
  • It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to ensure they and/or staff and/or their sharers have a ticket for entrance into the event
  • Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days will not be responsible for the failure of any exhibitor or their staff to produce a ticket on entry


  • Located just 3km north-east of Dowerin, the airstrip is 1500 metres long with a gravel and natural surface
  • Courtesy vehicles are available to taxi pilots and passengers to and from the Field Days site


  • Furniture for sites must be supplied by exhibitors or ordered directly from suppliers
  • Please refer to the Service Providers section on the website


  • Exhibitors are requested to ensure all seeding and grain harvesting equipment is cleaned before entering the Field Days site
  • This will assist to avoid transference of foreign seed
  • All exhibitors displaying or using grain, seeds or hay obtained outside the Shire of Dowerin must notify the Committee by 5pm July 1


  • Exhibitors must obtain a Liquor Licence directly through the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor
  • You must also seek permission from Dowerin Events Management prior to submitting your application to the Department
  • Exhibitors will only be granted permission to serve alcohol at Sundowners between the hours of 3:30pm and 5:30pm on Wednesday August 24
  • Wineries and other alcoholic beverage suppliers in the Lifestyle Pavilion will be covered under the Dowerin Field Days licence
  • Wineries will be permitted to offer tastings and sell package liquor from 8am to 5pm
  • It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to ensure an approved manager is present on the site throughout the licensed hours
  • All people serving alcohol MUST hold a current RSA certificate


  • Marquees CANNOT be ordered through Dowerin Field Days
  • Outside sites DO NOT come with marquees
  • They must be ordered directly from suppliers
  • Please refer to service providers section for further information
  • Exhibitors must provide details of their supplier to Dowerin Field Days with their application
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to ensure all marquee pegs are covered for adequate safety
  • Marquees must be erected and dismantled by the provider
  • Marquees can be erected on the Football Oval and Hockey Field no earlier than 6am on Friday August 19
  • Marquees on the Football Oval and Hockey Field must be removed by 5pm on Friday August 26


  • The 2022 Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days will be officially opened on Wednesday August 24 at 11.30am on the terrace of the main office
  • Presentation of awards to be held on Thursday August 25 at 11.00am also on the terrace of the main office


  • The official program will be produced by Dowerin Events Management and will be made available to visitors as both a digital e-edition, shared with all online ticket purchases prior to the event and a printed copy during the event.
  • Advertising rates, specifications and details can be found in the forms section
  • The form must be returned to the Field Days office with full payment by Friday July 1

Please note Gate Advertising is no longer available and we encourage all exhibitors to advertise in the program.


  • Partitioning for sites within the Lifestyle Pavilion is now INCLUDED in the site fee.
  • The site shells will be built ready to go for exhibitors to simply come in and decorate and dress their areas. The partitioning will create a professional "expo" type feel enabling a high end display experience, beneficial for the exhibitors brand, and providing better engagement for the visitors.
  • The partition walls are flush panel system, covered in velcro compatible front runner material, with a wall height of 2400mm high. Fasica is supplied to all open frontages and a company name in computer graphics in a standard format will be applied to this front fascia.
  • If you already have a custom stand that you would like to utilise please contact the events team to discuss options (08) 9631 1021.

For additional display needs please contact:

Advans Exhibition Services

Phone: (08) 9451 8322

Barrett Displays

Phone: (08) 9244 2431


  • Applications to erect permanent fixtures/buildings must be made to the Event Coordinator
  • If successful, the exhibitor must seek permission from the Shire of Dowerin


  • Ten amp electric power is available to most blocks on the Field Days site and can be ordered via the Site Application form
  • All exhibitors must attach power ties supplied by the Committee to power cords or your power will be unplugged
  • The Committee requests exhibitors do not operate excessive appliances from their single power outlet
  • Consider other by not overloading the system they may cause outages in your area
  • Exhibitors need to provide their own 30m extension cords which must meet appropriate safety standards
  • All electrical items must be tagged and tested by a licensed electrician within three months of the event
  • If power is unavailable on your block, you may provide your own muffled generator


  • Permission will NOT be granted for exhibitors to hand out printed material on the Field Days grounds at the gates or in car parks
  • Exhibitors are permitted to hand out material from their own stands ONLY
  • Exhibitors must remove all rubbish and printed material from the site upon departure
  • Failure to do so will result in a cleaning charge


  • Local families rent out spare houses and rooms to those unable to source accommodation elsewhere
  • Payment is made directly to the accommodation provider
  • A tax invoice may not always be available, please check directly with the provider


  • Advertising through Field Days radio or the Public Address (PA) system is available to exhibitors throughout the two days
  • Advertising exhibitors are permitted to set up a small radio on their site, tuned into Field Days FM, to maximise the benefit
  • Forms to book PA advertising can be found in the forms section and booking numbers are limited
  • Scripts must be limited to under 250 words which are prerecorded and played at least twice daily
  • The form must be returned to the Field Days office with full payment by Friday July 1


  • All exhibitors must have their own public liability insurance
  • An indemnity amount of not less than $10 million
  • This cover is against any occurrences attributable to their activities or the activities of any persons from whom they are directly responsible
  • Exhibitors which do not provide a Certificate of Currency by 9am Monday August 1, will not be able to attend the event
  • Late applications will be charged an administration fee of $30 for additional administration costs and time incurred
  • Compulsory insurance is not a decision of the Field Days Committee, but is a direct request of all insurance companies involved in any public event


  • All off-loading must occur at the ramp to minimise the movement of heavy vehicles around the site
  • Please refer to the site map for the location of the ramp
  • For assistance unloading, contact the Field Days office on (08) 9631 1021


  • Exhibitors must ensure all staff and suppliers have read, understood and comply with the Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days site induction
  • The induction can be found online
  • Alternatively, contact our office on (08) 9631 1021


  • Second-hand machinery is NOT permitted at the Dowerin Field Days except where a current model is used in the demonstration area
  • This equipment must not be available for sale
  • The Board reserves the right to alter this ruling and the Board’s decision will be final with no correspondence entered into


For security reasons:

  • Exhibitors are not permitted to sleep onsite at any time throughout or in the lead up to the Field Days
  • All accommodation caravans MUST be parked in the Field Days Exhibitors caravan park
  • There will be no access to the Field Days site between 6pm and 6am from Monday August 22 until Friday August 26
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their site from 6am until 6pm on all days
  • Exhibitors must have a staff member present from 8am until 5pm on event days
  • Walk-through gates will be unlocked to allow access to additional showers and toilets, as well as catering venues at 6am
  • Security will be patrolling from 6pm on Monday August 22 until 6am on Friday August 26
  • The Field Days Committee strongly suggests exhibitors do not leave sites unattended outside of these hours
  • Early set up of smaller items before Monday August 22 is strongly discouraged and exhibitors do so at their own risk


  • Straw bales for livestock bedding and to enhance your site can be ordered via the site application form and delivered to exhibitor blocks
  • Exhibitors displaying or using hay obtained from outside the Shire of Dowerin, must notify the Committee by Friday July 1


  • Exhibitors will need to seek permission from Dowerin Events Management to serve alcohol between the hours of 3:30pm and 5:30 pm on Wednesday August 24
  • Exhibitors will need to email eventco@dowerinfielddays.com.au with your Exhibitor Name and Site number to request permission before lodging your application with the Shire of Dowerin 
  • Please refer to 'Liquor Licence' guidelines to serving alcohol at Sundowners 
  • This is for the service of alcohol only
  • Exhibitors are responsible for keeping all alcohol within the premises of their marquee/s
  • All people serving alcohol MUST hold a current RSA certificate
  • Due to Health Regulations all catering for Sundowners are to be ordered through the Corporate Catering Form 


  • Fixed telephone lines can no longer be provided through Telstra
  • The Dowerin Field Days Committee strongly recommend exhibitors look into wireless options, as private contractors can be costly
  • The Telstra and Optus mobile services are considered reliable, but reception for other service providers cannot be guaranteed


Display Vehicle Pass

  • Exhibitors whose vehicle must be used for demonstrations or as an essential part of their display
  • Applications must be submitted to the Event Coordinator outlining the reasons for the pass via the Display Vehicle Pass form
  • Display vehicles must remain stationary on the block AT ALL TIMES
  • Any vehicles parked on a block not displaying a Display Vehicle Pass will be removed at the owner’s expense
  • Unregistered vehicles such as new cars and machinery do not require a Display Vehicle Pass, but must still remain stationary while not demonstrating

Service Vehicle Pass

  • This pass enables exhibitors to bring their vehicle onsite from 6am to 7.45am and from 5pm to 6pm on event days, with the purpose of restocking sites
  • These vehicles must be returned to the exhibitors’ car park during visitor hours and must display the Service Vehicle Pass at all times
  • Any vehicles parked on a block during visitor hours will be removed at the owner’s expense
  • One Service Vehicle Pass is issued per exhibitor
  • Exhibitors requiring more than one pass must apply in writing to the Event Coordinator prior to the event


  • In the interests of public safety, all moving machinery must observe a speed limit of 10km/h
  • Use hazard lights at all times while moving on the site
  • Machinery must remain stationary throughout the event unless being escorted to and from the Demonstration Arena
  • All vehicles moving onsite must display dealer or license plates
  • All vehicles must be operated according to safety instructions contained within the user’s manual and on safety stickers
  • This includes, but is not limited to, wearing seatbelts in forklifts and helmets on ATVs
  • Operators must hold current licence and qualifications, which must be produced upon request
  • Vehicle movement around the Field Days site is STRICTLY PROHIBITED between 8am and 5pm on event days
  • Exhibitors will be allowed to remove their vehicles after 5pm on Thursday August 25


  • To allow exhibitors to wash down machinery for enhanced presentation, a specific area has been set aside for this purpose
  • See the site map for location


  • Water can be ordered via the site application form and supplied to blocks at a cost of $25
  • Water is delivered by a tank and is not suitable for drinking
  • Delivery is unavailable within pavilions



Please note: Our information, resources, maps or exhibitor lists on our website may not be used by third parties without the written permission of the Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days Event Coordinator or the Chairperson of Dowerin Events Management Inc.