Exhibitor FAQ's


When is the event?

The Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days is on the last Wednesday and Thursday in August each year. It will be held on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 August 2022.


Who runs DFD?

The Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days started in 1964 as a fundraiser idea it has now grown into Western Australia’s largest agricultural Field Day.


How many exhibitors and patrons attend?

In 2021 the Dowerin Field Days showcased over 650 exhibitors and attracted 24,838 attendees.


Why Exhibit at DFD?

Dowerin Field Days offers the opportunity for businesses to showcase their quality products and services, build rapport with consumers and gain brand exposure.


How do I become an exhibitor?

Go to our website www.dowerinfielddays.com.au and find all the relevant information under Field Days Exhibitors. Applications open Monday March 28, 2022 and close Friday May 13.


How do I apply if I have been an exhibitor before?

Dowerin Field Days is using a new online booking platform to take applications from 2021 onwards. Any new exhibitors in 2022 will have to create a new account. Exhibitors from 2021 will already have a registered online account.


Can I apply after applications close?

Applications received after the May 13 deadline will only be accepted if a suitable site is still available after all other applications have been processed. They will incur a late fee, with full payment required at the time of the application.


What happens next to my application?

Upon the closing date on May 13, site allocations will made taking into account appropriate grouping of exhibits, size of exhibit, power and prior attendance history. Only applications paid in full will be accepted. Once site allocations have been completed exhibitors will be notified of their location.


You’re successful but not happy with your site?

The Event Coordinators reserves the right to allocate sites the way they see fit, based on appropriate grouping of exhibits, size of exhibits, power and telecommunication requirements and prior attendance history.


When can I start setting up?

Machinery exhibitors can set up 2 weeks prior to the event. Exhibitors on the football oval and hockey field may set up from Friday August 19. Exhibitors in the Lifestyle and Good Food & Getaway Pavilions can set up from Monday August 22. Please note that security is only on site from 6pm Monday August 22. Setting up prior to this will be at your own risk.


When is bump out?

Gates will open for bump out at 5pm, and close at 6pm on each day of the event. ALL exhibitors must be OFF SITE before 6pm each day. Exhibitors can begin dismantling at 5.00pm on Thursday August 25 until 6pm. Otherwise, they can bump out on Friday August 26 from 6am.


Where can I collect my vehicle passes on site?

The power, caravan, vehicle and display vehicle passes will be available for collection at our office on site until 5pm Tuesday August 23. Any exhibitor that has not collected them by this time will not be allowed entry at the gate.


Where can I find accommodation?

We have suggestions for accommodation on our website https://www.dowerinfielddays.com.au/field-days-exhibitors/accommodation. The Dowerin Field Days committee does not arrange accommodation for exhibitors or visitors other than the designated caravan parks where occupants are required to be self sufficient apart from minimal ablutions.


What is the Exhibitor Caravan Park?

Dowerin Field Days creates an Exhibitor Caravan Park for the week of the Field Days. You can apply for sites during the application process or afterwards via the website. There is no charge for exhibitors to be at the Exhibitor Caravan Park. Toilets and showers are available however there is no power at the park.