New Releases

New Releases

McIntosh Distribution/Morris Industries: Site 187

“Quantum” Air Drill by Morris Industries. Morris’ revolutionary new air-drill takes your operation to the next level wth increased seeding efficiency, yield potential and equipment longevity. The Quantum frame is 2.5 times stronger than their previous drills. The 4” x 6” tubular steel frame features innovative join welding made possible by Morris Proprietary Manufacturing Technology.

The Quantum also features: Industry Leading Air Distribution, Advanced row unit, high endurance durability, game changing flotation tyres, broadest range of row spacing. For further details contact your local Morris dealer.


Purslowe Tinetti Funerals: Site 85

Newly built 1928 Buick hearse


Solar Pump Sales: Site 365

Solar Pump Sales is in the process of securing the import of a new solar submersible pump to the Australian market. This pump has many excellent features packed into one unit that makes it quite unique in its field. It can run on AC or DC power without any accessories, self-contained run dry protection, over voltage, under voltage and reverse polarity protection, multiple flow rates and best of all near half the price of its competitions.


ADT Western Australia: Site 170

Hydrema 922F 4×4 with 15t Bredal Spreader.  A new self-propelled spreader that has a top speed of 50km/h. the 300 horsepower Hydrema 922F 4×4 has been fitted with a 15 tonne Bredal spreader (with load cells) and a Trimble auto guidance system. It features one of the best operator environments on the market due to the front axle suspension.


Himac Attachments: Site 149

Himac took their famous and reliable Stump Bucket and implemented incredible pulling power to create the Stump Bucket Grapple. Featuring the same multi-use innovation and high-tensile construction as its standard counterpart. This new grapple hybrid executes stump removal faster than ever. Cut through tough root systems with the serrated edges and toothed tip, they simultaneously take hold with the grapple arm to pull and accelerate the removal process. The large grapple opening allows standard Stump Bucket work as well as steadying large loads. This attachment is also ideal for log handling, vegetation removal, trenching, footings and even demolition. See it up close at Himac’s exhibit or call 1800 888 114


QuikCorp: Site 8 in the Equestrian Exhibit

The only 6-IN-1 Seeder in the world to save you 6x the money, 6x the time and 6x the labour. The 6x-IN-1 Seeder can perform the 6 tasks of seeding—disc, plough, fertilise, seed, cover, roll – making pasture establishment and enrichment a one-pass operation.

Distributes almost every kind of seed and blend evenly – uses a ‘reverse-auger’ brush delivery system to evenly scatter seed.

Plants seed at ideal depth – the discs carve the soil, the hooper distribute seeds, the roller packs the dirt for optimal depth.

All-in-one versatile use – engage all 6 functions at once or use any combination of individual functions

-Fits through tight gates and manoeuvres around trees: just 1194mm wide and 1067mm tall.

Establishing and enriching pastures are one of the hardest and most consuming tasks a farmer can be faced with the GPI200 6-IN-1 Seeder does what 6 implements do – in one go.

Unlike other bulky seeders, the 6-IN-1 Seeder can slide through small gates, hug the fence line and run tight circles around trees. Because at just 1194mm wide and 1067mm tall our seeder is no wider or taller than the ATV pulling it. Perfect for small farm owners.

The innovative design makes it the all-in-one implement to use on the farm with the ability to disc, plough, fertilise, seed, cover and roll in all in one pass. Achieving this normally would involve a tractor and three or four other implements

It allows farmers to save a significant amount of time, money and fuel. It also costs significantly less than other implements on the market that do six times less


Schinckel Hayrakes: Site 332

The Next F Series Hayrake has been designed solely for easy use by the operator. There is no lifting to be done, no pins to be renived or lost, easy telescopic arm adjustment that can be a pre-set width to go from paddock to paddock, along with an easy opening and closing system that is not reliant on expensive hydraulic systems. The rake can still be towed by a farm ute for raking and transport.