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Equestrian Exhibit

Back by popular demand! The Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days Equestrian Exhibit incorporates exhibition, education and entertainment. With two full days of indoor and outdoor demonstrations and many equestrian business on display- the Dowerin Field Days is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for the equestrian enthusiast!

The Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days is proud to announce a great line-up of presenters this year including Reining specialist Erwin Van Vliet, Liberty expert Louise Ratcliffe, trick riders Girls, Girls, Girls and our headliners … Eventing experts Sophie Warren, Dr Portland Jones and Silver Medalist Sonja Johnson!

Visitors can expect to see a great range of demonstrations including liberty, horse breaking, saddle fitting, equine therapies, equitation, ranch sorting and of course… dressage, confidence clinics and eventing.

There is a fantastic array of trade stalls on offer from jumps, to tack, saddlery, feeds, therapies, floats, clothing and equine therapies.

Please click on the tabs to the left of the screen, to see a full list of presenters, the timetable and trade stalls.

We hope you enjoy the 2018 Dowerin Field Days Equestrian Exhibit!


Does the Dowerin Field Days offer Equestrian Competition?

Unfortunately, due to space and time restrictions, we do not offer equestrian competition at the Dowerin Field Days. There are many places in WA where horse enthusiasts can compete with their horse. But there are only limited events that offer a large number of equestrian trade stalls, education, entertainment, demonstrations and clinics all in the one place! So this is our focus.

Can I ride in the demonstrations?

If you are a professional horse trainer or rider, wanting to promote your discipline or business, please click on our presenters tab for more information on demonstrating! Generally presenters arrange their own riders, so there aren’t many opportunities to participate in demonstrations. However, if we do require riders, we will put a shout out on our website and Facebook pages. So keep an eye out!

Why is the Dowerin Field Days held during the week?

The Dowerin Field Days is an agricultural expo, targeted at the farming community. The Dowerin Field Days has always been during the week, as we feel best suits the needs of our exhibitors and the majority of visitors. The Equestrian Exhibit was included into our program in 2016, and while we understand it may not suit all horse enthusiasts to come on a weekday, we are hoping you’ll consider it worth taking the day off work to attend. You won’t regret it!

How far is Dowerin?

Dowerin is a leisurely two hour drive from Perth

Should I spend the night?

Accommodation is limited in Dowerin, but we know how used to camping horsey folks are, so by all means, spend the night! There is so much to see over the two days at the Equestrian Exhibit alone, with two arenas running and over 40 equestrian businesses on display. But don’t forget, it is part of a much larger event! There are over 770 exhibits at the Dowerin Field Days, which include many businesses of interest to the equestrian enthusiast, including car companies, products for small properties (machinery, fencing, troughs ect) and a huge number of lifestyle businesses (clothing, homewares, wineries etc). Entertainment across the grounds includes celebrity chef cooking demos, fashion parades, celebrity appearances and much more. You won’t be disappointed.