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Create Account

  • To create an account, head to and click on ‘Log In’ on top right corner
  • Select ‘Create Account’ – a new account will be required for 2024 due to platform upgrade
  • Once account has been created, a confirmation email will be sent
  • Return to home page to proceed
  • Select ‘Account’ on left hand side of home page
  • Within your online account portal, select ‘Trade Applications’ on left hand menu
  • Select ‘Add’ on right hand side of screen
  • Select ‘Add New Application’
  • Edit contact information and complete mandatory fields - please note that ‘Tax Number’ is not required, please type ‘0’ in this section to proceed

Select Trade Stand

  • Refer to Exhibitor Information Manual for zone information and site maps
  • Select appropriate zone
  • Save and Continue

Stand Type & Add-ons

  • Select Site No range.
    • Eg. for site 190, select Site No. 185-196 option and choose quantity. You will have the option to request your site preference later in the application.
  • For POA sites, please select the Site No.
    • Eg. for site 215, select Site No. 215 and choose quantity, then ALSO buy the nearest site of this size eg. Site 216-235. Request your POA site preference later in the application. You will be contacted if an upgrade to the POA site is possible for an additional charge. Please contact the office for price of POA sites.
  • Please note that site preferences are not guaranteed until allocations are complete. Your site allocation will be updated in your online account portal
  • Select Add-ons
  • Save and Continue

Business Details

  • Complete mandatory fields
  • Tick to accept Terms & Conditions

Insurance Details

  • Complete mandatory fields
  • Upload copy of Public Liability Certificate of Currency (CoC)
  • If expiry date of insurance is prior to the 2024 event, please upload current CoC and send new CoC to once renewed.


  • If purchasing Digital, Official Event Program or Public Address & Radio Advertising, please select Advertisement type/s and  select ‘Add to Application’
  • Save and Continue

Site Sharer

  • If adding a site sharer to your application, please select ‘Add Site Sharer’, complete details and select ‘Add Site Sharer’ button to save.
  • Continue

Application Summary

  • Please review the application summary page
  • Select ‘Edit’ to make any necessary changes to application
  • Once complete, select ‘Proceed to Cart’


  • Review cart - please note that selecting ‘Remove’ will remove all items from cart
  • Go back in your browser to edit your application if required
  • To proceed with order, select ‘Go to Checkout’

Cart Summary

  • Please check Billing Address and update if required
  • Tick to accept Terms & Conditions
  • Select payment preference:
    • Pay with Stripe – card details will be required. Order and payment confirmation will be sent to your email. A copy of the order and invoice will also be available in your online account portal.
    • Pay with EFT – an order will be created and an invoice will be sent to your email to pay by electronic funds transfer. A copy of the order and invoice will also be available in your online account portal.

PLEASE NOTE: No allocations will be made for unpaid application orders.